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Tollgate garden   supplies

Concrete post and gravel boards

Pressed tough cast


9ft £14.50                                           

8ft £13.00                                           

7ft £12.80                                     

6ft £12.50                                         

5ft £11.95                                         



Corner post 

9ft £30.00                                             

8ft £28.50

7ft £25.00

6ft £22.00

5ft £20.00


Godfathers support post

3ft £7.80

4ft £9.50

Rock face gravel board
Smooth face gravel board

Size's and price's :-

Rockface and smoth are both 6ft x 1ft £11.25

6ft x 6in smooth £8.70

6ft x 6in recessed £7.75


All price's include VAT @20% and may change at any time with out notice.

Delivery charges may apply.

New arrivals

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